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What is Cashmere ?

Cashmere Goat Cashmere - known as Pashmina in Nepal, is a diamond fiber extricated from the body of the mountain goat "chyangra" or "Capra Hircus". Cashmere goat is a native of the himalayan belt 10,000 ft above sea level….. Cashmere Goat survive in the very harsh with extremely cold climate and scarce vegetation. The goat is blessed with very thin, short and the softest wool found in the nature. Cashmere Fiber has an exotically silky texture, weightless lightness with super warmth. When wearing it next to the skin, provides a uniquely tiltilating experience which has been described as Sensual Sublimity by our ancestors.

The finest cashmere wool, most luxurious wool in the world has been popular for centuries among royalty and other elites . This glorious wool has been prized for its warmth, lightness and durability for centuries. For lightness and warmth, Cashmere wool is unmatched. Delicate and soft to touch, it caresses the skin. It is not surprising that Cashmere Sweaters and Cashmere Products has been successful in establishing its uniqueness among fashion wear through out the world.


Let me introduce - Shirdiki Handicrafts ( Pure Cashmere Sweater Specialists ) - and like to take this opportunity to tell you about our desire to delight our customers with great value and memorable service. Great value is all about delivering the highest quality at sensible prices (luxury for less) whilst memorable service is all about surprising customers with service that exceeds expectations.

We believe in fairness and excellence in everything we do. We highly value our customers and friends and to the impact our business has, both socially and environmentally.

We, always, try to make some difference in the society and choose to behave in a responsible manner socially. And with this approach of doing our business enables us to offer the very highest quality pure cashmere sweaters and Cashmere products at a sensible price while providing peace of mind that is increasingly valued by our customers



A '100% cashmere' label is no guarantee of quality. There are many grades of cashmere quality just as there are diamonds, gold and other precious materials. Our pure Cashmere Sweaters can be tested in Laboratory and the result will be 97 % and above pure cashmere..... This is our Guarantee..... We are the Cashmere Sweater Specialist .....

What makes us is not just the painstaking attention to detail we apply to every single piece but the quality of the raw material that is transformed into a Pure Cashmere Products - that becomes deceptively simple, ultra-lightweight Superfine cashmere – the world’s finest cashmere..

The difference between the exceptional quality of Pure Cashmere and blended cheap grades can be judged by feeling it and wearing it.

What is Cashmere? Cashmere Sweaters Nepal Cashmere Sweaters Pure Cashmere from Nepal